STMLoop International

STMLoop International is the first company in Africa focused on the development and implementation of Hyperloop, known as the fifth method of transportation. It consists of a levitating pod that will travel inside sealed tubes in a near-vacuum environment, hence reducing the amount of energy needed to transport people and cargo. Our team is composed of motivated people that believe that this technology can bring a positive change to our society and we’re working hard every day to make this happen. With Hyperloop, we will remove all time boundaries related to transportation, in that way we will let people be where they want, whenever they want, letting them always be connected to their loved ones. This will let people have a new lifestyle, in which the distance won’t be a problem when considering if they should travel or not. But Hyperloop is not only limited to this, it will also help us solve the environmental concern that currently exists attached to this sector. This new method of transportation will work with 100% electric energy, eliminating the use of fossil fuel. With that, we will create a sustainable world, respectful of the environment, as the transportation sector is one of the most contaminants around the world. Entrepreneurship and innovation also characterize STMLoop International. We allow our team to have time to develop other ideas that can be useful for our society, we’re not limited to Hyperloop, as this is a long-term goal. In the meantime, we’re also growing our presence in the electric vehicle and renewable energy sectors, to start our contribution to the decarbonization of the world. In STMLoop, we strongly believe that a change to a cleaner world needs to be done and we are giving our full commitment to this cause at the same time as we aim to increase the wellbeing of the people.