With a foundation built around food, sports, and entertainment,SocialGlee is the next evolution in social media. A truly disruptive social media / online advertising concept. We are currently preparing to undergo our seed round of funding in 2020. As a social media software development company, our new and unique social media concept offers an innovative social engagement platform with an unbeatable value proposition for our platform members plus an unprecedented ROI for our online advertisers. With our proprietary virtual currency, we build an online economy that members, businesses, advertisers, and investors will LOVE! A social ecosystem where members enjoy socializing with their friends and family while receiving an amazing social experience and advertisers expand their reach to their customer base with advertising that works. By using innovative blockchain technology, creative cryptocurrency delivery processes and proprietary algorithms, SocialGlee strives to deliver a product that offers a rich, fun and rewarding social media experience to our users with unparalleled value to advertisers and generous returns to our investors. The SocialGlee concept was designed from its inception to allow for easy acquisition from a larger social media entity. With a truly disruptive business model, a 60 month exit is anticipated once the platform is launched.