Sustain Edu

Sustain Edu is a Software as a Service for Social Good and Student Success, serving Education, Nonprofit, Volunteer, and Business entities to manage, engage, and expand their networks. Sustain Edu gives High Schools, Universities, and Colleges the ability to manage, track, assess, and engage students and organizations on and off-campus— assisting with valuable data for reporting, retention, and marketing needs. Sustain Edu’s Volunteer, Social Impact, and Philanthropy Management tools on the Sustain platform give nonprofits and community organizations the ability to engage with their local student population by providing power to Organize, Manage, Track, Schedule, Receive Donations, and Communicate with Volunteers or Donors. The platform also enables each of our clients to receive ad space on our mobile application, the ability to share content on sustainability, raise awareness on local or national issues, sponsor initiatives, and facilitate connections for partnerships. Company Mission: Sustain Edu’s primary goal is to seamlessly integrate sustainability concepts into the applied world by creating unique user and community-based experiences for our clients. Backed with academic theory and systems thinking, Sustain Edu breaks down community engagement opportunities across the environmental, economic, social, personal, and political systems. To reach this goal, the company utilizes proprietary persuasive computing techniques, gamification, and user incentivization embedded within a mobile and web application. This, in turn, provides high-quality reporting data back to our clients which can be used to better inform financial decisions, educational resources, and social learning.