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About Delloop

Delloop is the first company to address the costly communication gap that exists between online Retailers and their Customers using its secure, enduring and bi-directional communication channel.


Problem and opportunity

The eCommerce market is worth $3.5 trillion globally and accounts for around 10% of all retail sales. And whilst the market continues to grow at a rate of 15% per annum, so does the cost of customer acquisition and customer retention which, research shows, is a direct result of the lack of communication between Retailers and their Customers.

Today, 89% of Customers stop buying or change Retailers due to poor customer service, most of which, Customers say, could be solved by direct communication.

The gap is widening and the current solutions – chatbots, emails, live chat, call centres – still keep the customer at arms-length, shuffling them from agent to agent and still lack direct communication with the Retailer.  

The initial opportunity is to solve this problem for the 6 million active mid-sized eCommerce Retailers who simply cannot afford the problem that poor customer communication causes.


Value proposition

As former online retailers and domain specialists we know this pain and the cost of it, so we’ve focused on how to maximise eCommerce profits through providing a better customer experience.

The easy-to-use, direct communication channel we’ve created cultivates a strong Retailer – Customer relationship which immediately boosts customer satisfaction.

As a result the Retailer benefits from lower customer acquisition and retention costs, as well as a streamlined internal process for query resolution. This leads to lower external resource costs and less reliance on costly third-party customer service systems.


What makes us unique

We created the Delloop ‘Engagement as a Service’℠ software to bring good old fashioned customer service to eCommerce. We wanted to give the Customer a voice and the Retailer a means to hear. All of this means our use of technology is to facilitate real-world actions in a manner that is useful and people-focused.

A proprietary Augmented Reality APP facilitates an initial one-click registration for the Customer at delivery. From then on, this APP and accompanying website is the only point of contact they need to use for customer service enquiries, technical support, delivery issues, warranty claims etc. And they can store and view all their online shopping, warranty and interactions from all Retailers in one place, not just this Retailer.

The App’s sophistication is seamless. Customer queries arrive at the Retailer sanitised and packetized for efficient processing and quick personalised response. These are delivered to the resolution teams and not enquiry agents.

Permission-based marketing, not just to their Customer, but to the entire Delloop Member base, is also offered to the Retailer.


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