CheckPlz Technologies

CheckPlz Technologies is a web-based platform designed to relay customer feedback on waitstaff service back to restaurant management. Staff-interactions are a leading driver for return visits and establishing customer retention. CPT aims to derive insights and understanding into highly-valued team members through a brief, anonymous feedback survey solicited to...




Yayzi Broadband

Yayzi Broadband is a new challenger in the broadband industry. We’re making broadband easy, again. We offer simple pricing, monthly rolling contracts and we’re also one of the first providers to offer 1Gbps broadband to residential homes, and we’ve even partnered with local companies to build a full fibre...


ZaMusicHub Gives You The Latest South Africa Music Mp3 For FreeHomepage:

Fintech Blue

Blue is a shared fintech brand developed by multiple high-tier companies. By joining our resources and working together we create leading turn-key startups and payment institutions. Custom-tailored just for you.Homepage:


KASU is an Australian-based digital platform that was founded in 2019 to connect more ethical communities that embrace sustainability through the usage of longer lasting products. It follows a simple approach – reduce, reuse and recycle! Through this, the communities involved save materials, prevent valuable products from going to...


DTC a complete business platform brought some unique services for online sellers. These services will help online sales make it easier and smoother.Homepage:


Faizpay is a contactless way of paying with your bank account to merchant’s bank account via the FaizPay appHomepage:

Great Ocean Guoxin (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Great Ocean Guoxin ( Malaysia ) encompass both conventional and technological notion in its business portfolio. On top of our conventional trading and finance venture, we took a seat in the technological scene as we believe the biggest macro investment opportunities of the next decade lies in disruptive technologies....

Flow Studio

Restoring the image of your brand with originality and creativity is our responsibility. We help create corporate videos, graphic animation, as well as business and explanatory videos. Our experts are there to take care of all your visual communication elements in order to develop your brand. The diversity of...



STMLoop International

STMLoop International is the first company in Africa focused on the development and implementation of Hyperloop, known as the fifth method of transportation. It consists of a levitating pod that will travel inside sealed tubes in a near-vacuum environment, hence reducing the amount of energy needed to transport people...


iBuyer with a Latin American focus, currently operating in Chile. Buydepa is not a real estate company, but a service provider to the industry. Buydepa provides liquidity to the residential real estate market using AI to instantly value properties and providing a lean process to reduce the selling cycle...

Calm Sage